Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't Forget!

Tomorrow *May 20th* is the day you can BUY the set I worked with Gina K on. The Comfort and Peace stamp set. It has been avaliable only as "One free with three" where if you purchased three other Gina K sets you could get that one free. If that didn't work for you and you wished you could just plain old purchase it tomorrow evening *after Gina hosts a cute party and gets everyone all pumped* you can purchase just that set.

I will come back when it's up and put a link so you can find it. Of course there will be a bunch of other new must have stamps released so you'll want to look around after you grab the Comfort and Peace set.


HERE is the link to the Comfort and Peace set. hugs,e


Kim H. said...

Oh yeah I can't wait to get the peace and comfort set! Can't wait to see what else Gina has coming out!

Mandy said...