Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fish and a Shameless CASE

First of all have I ever showed you guys my cool halmark embosser? I got it at Swoozies. It's a little stationary and other high end crap store. Very cute in there, pretty expensive. Anyhow this thing was a small fortune, but my father felt that I needed it. I didn't argue. *wink* I've had it for over a year but I'm not sure I've showed you. Today I made two cards. This first one uses Gina K stamps. Have I mentioned I really like Gina K? Really I have not? How odd...
I stamped the scene and colored with copics and the glitter pens by copic. Then covered it all with embossing powder. I used watercolor crayons to color the background. It didn't look vivid enough for me, so I did direct to paper inking with my turquoise ink pad. Then wiped off the embossed images and here you go:
The orange tissue paper has been in my stash for over a year. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a single sheet of orange tissue paper totally flat in a mess like mine for an entire year? I seriously love that paper though. So I punched some circles from it for the inside then stitched them on. *to punch from tissue paper you set it on some regular thin cardstock and then punch through both layers. Works like a charm and doesn't tear the tissue.*
Ok this next card is a shameless CASE. I like to browse the Splictoaststampers galleries in the morning while my kids eat breakfast. I saw THIS card by Gretchen Belknap and knew I'd make the same card today. I usually don't make a whole exact case like this but seriously! I HAD to do it. So if you love this, go tell Gretchen because it's her idea. And also she has better kraft cardstock than me! Where does she get that? DRATS. Oh she has a blog HERE. No shortage of cute in her world.
I did this for the inside.
Have a great day!


Gretchen said...

Awesome CASE (If I do say so myself ;0) I love what you did with the inside. I hardly ever decorate my insides, I think I'm just lazy that way! Thanks so much for the "plug" too, always nice to get new visitors! I love your blog and I'm going to be a regular visitor! Happy Crafting

Anonymous said...

Oh my....what super cute cards! I love your case job! te he he! So much fun!