Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some Random Cards. :)

First I have a card I made with my new TAC stamps. I LOVE this set. You sorta build this tree, there is the grass and flowers too, and some birds. I used my new spring moss paper by Papertrey Ink and black ribbon. Oh the thanks so much phrase is by Papertrey too. :)

Next I have a card using a set by inique boutique. Their stamps are cool, they are just rubber, but with sticky stuff on them you can stick them right on your clear blocks. They are very affordable and packaged neatly and everything. On this one I stamped on some ivory paper then went over some with my versamark pen and then perfect pearls to give it shimmer. I colored the pinkish flowers with copics. The "Live your bliss" is by Papertrey (I just got "Mixed Messages" I think they are GREAT little phrase stamps, so I will probably be using them a lot)
Next we have my son Stephen's birthday party invitation. For some crackheaded reason I decided to make them a little involved. I started by letting Stephen pick the stamp. He wanted the cat, with a balloon added, and also it needed a hat. Then I wanted to make the balloon shiny. Oh Stephen's favorite color is yellow, the theme of his party is "yellow". My friend Christy, *Hi Christy!* convinced him yellow AND balloons would be nice, so now it's yellow and balloons. :) Ok, the cat is colored with watercolor pencils and I cuttlebugged the red stuff.
This is where I lost my mind. The inside has one of those pop out things. It says "It's a party!" Then more balloons and a cake. *I want you to imagine doing these while you have an almost 3 year old saying over and over, "I need a cake on mine birfdayparty cards". Anyhow all these stamps are from some retired Stampin Up! set I don't know it's name. I bought it from someone on The Stamp Shack. If I were doing just one of these cards I would have matted the cat on the front on something, and for sure would have done something cuter with the "It's a party!" part, but I had a stack of these to make and I was tired of doing extra stuff so I threw these together. Stephen said they are "supercute" so it works for me.

Now is the part where I'm going to ramble about some stuff. Stamping related, but you can skip it, I'll never know.

I love this trend of people putting videos on their blogs! I don't have a video thingie, but if I get one I'll do some. Mine won't be rock star quality, but whatever! Anyhow, to all you video bloggers thanks!

I still love my copics. I still love my ATG. And my Scor Pal.

I think I'm going to get subscriptions to VSN "Vamp Stamp News" and maybe Rubber Stamp Madness too. Now I never met a stamping magazine I didn't love, but I like these two because there is a lot of stuff to actually READ in them. Some have lovely photos and I like that, but I also like to curl up and actually read stuff. VSN is sort of like reading all the technique posts on all message boards. At least that's the feel I get when I read it. Also the editor of VSN is really nice. I don't know the RSM people, but I picked up a copy today and it was really good too.

My LSS which is awesome by the way, is having it's Yard Sale event on the 29th. How it works at this store is I get my vendor number, then price all my stuff and put my number on it too. Then I bring it all in and leave it. On that day they have the sale. There will be tons of junk for people to look at. Whenever someone buys MY number of stuff they make a note of it and at the end I get a check for all the stuff I sold, less 10%. I think its 10%, maybe it's 15%, whatever. Anyhow I love it because stuff sells pretty well and I don't have to deal with it at all. And it's cool to get a check, some do it but you get store credit. So I got that all together today and I dropped it off tonight. I had tons of paper, a huge stack of magazines, a handful of stamps *I sell most of my stamps on The Stamp Shack* and a few other random things. A few years ago I did it for the first time and made over $200! course it was the first time, so I had TONS of junk to sell. I think I'll make around $50 this time. Which is good, because I usually spend around $50! hahahaha

I just placed an order with justjohanna. You know there are new stamps right? THIS link should take you right to them. Anyhow I couldn't get everything, but I got a good amount. I already did another order recently too so that should get here any day. OH I almost forgot, under the new stuff there is a "priscilla mini" It's the same cute cat as before, only a tiny one! We all know I got that. I can't remember what all else, a bunch of stuff. Like a BUNCH.

I also ordered the swiss dot cuttlebug folder! I'm excited. I have this thing for polkdot stuffs right now. I can't stop myself! Anyhow I got the folder from It was only $5 and they have free shipping on $10 *yea, It's cool, I don't know how they do it* so I got some ribbons too. They have may arts ribbon, it's really nice. I tried to go on the May Arts site and order huge spools, but they seem to only sell wholesale. The nerve! Oh speaking of ribbon, my awesome LSS sells May Arts and many others, and all ribbon is just 50cent a yard! I don't know how they do that either.

Ok, that's enough rambling. There is more I could say, I love the new Gina K stuff, none of the PTI stuff was for me *which is a releif because i'm stinking broke!*, I'm excited about the new Cornish Heritage stuff coming out soon, those Frindly Kritters, or whatever their names are... anyhow enough rambling! hugs,e


Jodie H. said...

Hey Erin,
Great post as always and thanks for the numerous shout outs! We must support our local stores!
Take care

Anonymous said...

SUPER cute cards EK! I LOVE Stephen's Birthday Invites ... completely adorable - JUST like him! Thanks for all the info on everything - I love reading your blog ... ~TJ

Lauri said...

Great cards! I love love love the pop up card!!!!!

Maren said...

What adorable cards!! You have been busy!! Thanks for sharing!

Rubber Stamping said...

Hi Buddy,
Excellent post!!these cards are sooo cute..I love your art!Thanks for sharing.
keep up the work.