Thursday, October 15, 2009

Simple cards, inspired by Simplicity

One of my favorite blogs in my Reader is Simplicity by Lateblossom. When I saw THIS POST it was a get up and make a card moment. (A "get up and make a card moment" is when you see something so dang awesome you get right up and make a card that moment inspired by it)

Hers are notecards, and I did make some of those. I made them mostly in sympathy, but I gave them to my mom already. I also made some actual folded cards and have them for you here: This is for a boy I know who recently had his baptism. This set is by Papertrey. So the trick on the Simplicity blog is basicly in making the black line frame. Making it well, and time after time. You really need to go read her blog for the details. It's simple but brilliant.
Then I decided to try it with not drawing the frame, but embossing it with my Score-Pal. This worked well too and I think is a nice look. I'm absolutely in love with this flower set by Papertrey. The greeting is from Friend Centers set by Cornish Heritage Farms.

In other news:
Sorry I've been a bad blogger. My entire family got horribly sick. We should probably have gone to the Dr, I think we may have even had that horrible N1H1. It was the most sick I had been in years. So that was all last week, and the week before we traveled. (Because when I'm about to come down with deathflu I like to travel so I can infect as many people as possible, :( ) Anyhow all that is my excuse for stinking at posting lately. If you are still with me thanks! I have a sketch sitting here that I MUST make a card for today so expect to see me again later.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that black line! The baptism card is great! Simple and sweet yet classy! LOVE IT!

Linda B said...

I love it, "deathflu". We all managed to remain healthy after your visit. Glad you are back to blogging. Hugs, Mom.

Susan Raihala said...

Both are beautiful! I especialy like the colors of the first and the embossed lines of the second. Very clever!

Hope everyone is feeling better!