Thursday, February 19, 2009

Variation on a theme

First I'll share the Valentines Day card I made my wonderful Brian. I was inspired by THIS card I saw on Etsy. ( I LOVE the Etsy card and I hinted all over the place but no one got it for me! *sad* JK) Then I got an order from Cornish Heritage Farms and made a TON of cards. I used the Ranger Paint Daubers a lot.
These are not new stamps on the proud card, but the paint was new.

I love this open dot backgrounder stamp.
Same open dot, still loving it.
This dot circle backgrounder looks totally different with the paint. I thought it was fun.
More paint and a lot of glitter. I painted the letters with paint first, then painted them with glue then dumped tons of glitter. I did the "e" and "o" on foam tape so it would rise above the "h" and "ll".

And that's what I've made lately. I know I've been a slacker blogger. I'm gonna bout to slack more because we are going on vacation. Sorry about that.

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runningonink said...

WOWZERS you have been one busy bee! Lots of cute cards :)