Thursday, February 19, 2009

Skip to my Lou Fabric Notebook Cover

This is actually the second time I've made this. the first time I added it to the purse and zippie giveaway I did a few weeks back.

I made a notepad cover today using THIS pattern I purchased from Skip to my Lou. I love the pattern, it cuts and sews really easily. The one comment is on the final sewing when it says "scant 1/4 inch" she means SCANT. Not EXACTLY. I had a brand new 1/4 inch foot the first time and so I used it and was so proud of my exact 1/4 inch, and it was way snug. It worked out, but today I did do a scant 1/4 and it was a much nicer fit. The pattern was cheap. It was only $1.99. I plan to make a bunch for gifts.

This is for Kim. She picked out the fabric and bought it and had it sent here. It's like my own version of sewing for hire, she buys extra of the fabric, I get the leftovers! :)

Ok Outside view, featuring pencil/pen pocket.
Back view. The band of contrast fabric on the top is not part of the pattern, it's because I had directional fabric and wanted the back to be right side up too so I did that to turn the fabric. I also think it's snazzy.
And the inside. The inside is a smidge boring, but it does the job. The elastic thingie wraps to hold it all closed. You do NOT need this fat of elastic, but I only had this and WAY skinny and the way skinny didn't work. So fat it was. I'm sure someone super clever will cover the elastic with contrast fabric and make it DELUX cute.
Yup, there is crayon on my dining room table. Doesn't bother me a bit either.

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runningonink said...

WOW this is so awesome. They will make awesome gifts!