Wednesday, February 11, 2009


First of all I can't believe it's been TEN DAYS since my last blog post! Sheesh.

I've been stamping a lot but I'm entering almost all of it in a contest so I can't share.

I can share this. I got new lotion. I LOVE it. I'm about to go online and see what else I can get in this fragrance. Because it's my goal to smell like this every second of every day. Brian loves it too, although he keeps asking me to make lemon bars now. haha. *might go get some stuff and suprise him with some today*

I love the lotion so much, I love the bottle almost as much. The white on yellow with touches of black, I adore it! So I got out of bed last night to make a card with those colors.

Liked it so much I made two.
My original plan was to stamp the white with paint, but it just didn't show up great on the yellow. I tried white ink, and embossing power, none made me happy. I then tried stamping the white with white stazon on clear and layering that. I loved the look. So I stamped the black with black stazon too and that's pretty much the whole card. Put the clear piece over yellow cardstock, attached with black brads. whippa wam wam wazzle, it's done.
I don't know who makes the three dandilioin stamp, but all the other stamps are by Cornish Heritage Farms.
I'm off to to see what else they are willing to sell me that smells like lemon cream. I'm hoping for purfume, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent... generally anything.


runningonink said...

Your card is stunning! I love the yellow, black and white combo! GORGEOUS! The lotions looks yummy! Lemon bars do sound good!

Linda B said...

The yellow/black/white is beautiful! And the dandelions are great too. Good work.

Jennifer said...

Erin! You are such a great person! Do you know that? You are!!

Each post you make, I either laugh, or I admire, or I learn something, or I just say hmmmmmmm. You are an inspiration and a wonderful person.

I just needed to say that.

Hugs to you, my friend!

Debbie, said...

You got OUT OF BED to make a CARD?! You are my hero! Now I want lemon bars!!

Lisa said...

Love the card! I like Watkins products also. I used to sell it have been thinking lately that I want to sell it again. :-)