Monday, January 29, 2007

Welcome to Erin K Creations

Sherri made me do it! I said, "I don't have time to do another blog, I post my cards on The Stamp Shack anyhow, I don't need a blog for cards." But Sherri made her cute one and I said, "Well if Sherri has one I have to have one." Because our friendship kinda goes like that. :)

So I figure one card a day or so and comments on it will suffice right? Probably I'll have other stuff to say over time too.

This card is based on Kerry's Sketch 12. You can see a whole collection of sketches if you are a member of the Shack. This sketch reminded me of a quilt pattern so I right away though of my good friend Jennifer's mother. She is turning 80 next month and Jennifer had mentioned that she enjoys quilting. So I said I must do this for her. I'll be honest, it was not quick. It wasn't hard but it was just long. I'm sure a real quilter would be able to whip it right out though. In any event it was different and a challange for me and that's always good.

See my great photography of my card. (ok, it's just sorta good) Anyhow I used tops from AmyR. She has the most adorable blog I've seen and I plan to read every single word she publishes! Soon I'm sure a book company will be contacting her for an exclusive book deal and then we can all buy her book!

Well that's all for starters. We will see how well I keep up!

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flipflops4sherri said...

This is great Erin!! This is a wonderful blog!! WOO HOO for you!!!! You are no longer bloggerless. ha ha Sherri