Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eat Cake Graphics Cat Card

Lemme talk a bit about Eat Cake Graphics. This company has some really stinkin cute stamps. I love the simple line designs of them, they are just really sweet stamps. It gets better though, these stamps are very affordable. The most expensive one they have is a collection that is actually 6 or 7 animals and it's only a whopping $12 for the unmounted set. Gotta love that! I will not say they have something for everyone though. They only have cute stamps. Funny, sweet and cute stamps. Lots of humor. I mean just look at this silly cat! Also the shipping is very reasonable. I love to order online and have fun packages come in the mail. I will be placing a good sized Eat Cake order first thing Thursday morning. (Me and Sherri have this deal not to buy any craft items in January.)
So there you have it, a cute card (at least I think so!) with stamps from a cute company! I love cute stuff!


flipflops4sherri said...

This kitty card is really cute! I hope you are feeling better!! Will you work on your blog while you're at your dad's? I will keep checking! Sherri

Suzi said...

Adorable card Erin. Love the kitties INSIDE! How cute!

Jovita said...

Awe... your card is sooo,thanks for the link to Eat Cake.. I'll have to check them out since I love cute ~ ;)