Friday, April 20, 2007

Tag... I'm an idiot!

Ok, I somehow have missed the boat on tagging! I was tagged a few times and said, "Ohhhh, that's so cool and nice" and deleted the email or post and moved on... I had NO IDEA I was supposed to DO something about it! So I'm gonna first thank those who tagged me..

My first tag came from Sherri. Sherri has been my good friend for geez like three years now! We've met in person which makes it even more special. She is the queen of pattern paper, I stink at using it and she just makes it so easy. You may know her as Flipflopsforsherri or moosetracksforsherri or cheermom. (Girl gets around the net I tells ya!)

I was also tagged by Angie. She's Shuggy, it's pronounced like Sugar, not like shrug your sholders. OK, Angie is a great cardmaker! She also designed my cool title thingie on my blog. AND she has the most dificult job in the world and seriously is a person I pray for every day and I might cry if I think about her too much she's so sweet.

I was then tagged by Jovi. Her stamping, coloring and photography are outstanding.

Also a girl named Rhonda put in a post that she tagged me. She didn't put a link and I can't place the name with a blog right now. Rhonda please give me a link I'd love to see your blog!

If I'm missing someone please forgive me, but also email me and tell me to fix it by adding you to the list!

OK, on to my tag list...
(I'm gonna tag different people, I already told you about those people)

Amy R's blog is the first craft blog I ever saw! I LOVE it and check several times a day. I'm signed up for the emials but I STILL check and you know sometimes I see stuff BEFORE I get the email and that's cool. She is a big time enabler, do NOT go there with an empty checking account! I joke that it would work just fine for her to order 2 of everything and just have one shipped here then bill me once a month!

Asela is an outstanding artist and cardmaker. Very soon she will have her own drawings as stamps and I can't wait! And guess what?? She's moving to my own town in just a few months! It makes me want to do a little jig when I think of it!

Debbie is an outstanding artist. Her coloring is just astounding. I could look at her colorings all day. She also puts things together with a touch of humor that I love.

Gina K, now I barely know this girl at all, we've emailed like twice. But her blog always inspires me. Recently you know what she did? She took a chicken, stamped and colored it then stamped the chicken wire background OVER TOP of it and embossed it with silver powder... looks just like a chicken in it's pen. LOOK

Pam, Now you may know Pam, she's "smilecollector" on a number of message boards. Because of this I ALWAYS think her stuff is going to be yellow! It's that funny? Anyhow Pam uses a variety of colors, go figure, to make OUTSTANDING cards!

Ok, yall, it was painful to name just a few, I seriously check every post on all the blogs on my roll! Not every day, but when I do I read back until there is nothing new to me. So you are not getting away with a single entry I don't see! (so don't you go badmouthing me!)...

Ok, what do I do? email these folks and tell them they are tagged? Is my obligation to the tagging game fullfilled now?


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