Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A great cause.

So I was blog surfing today. I did a ton! I saw so many cool projects that for a while I was super inspired, then it got to the overwhelmed point... Anyhow I found this awesome thing. (stay with me while I get the details straight...)

Dawn's this cool woman who'se blog I found (here's the link). Her husband is serving overseas right now. She is collecting greeting cards that she will send to him. Then he will give them to all his buddies over there so they can have nice cards to send home. She is trying to make him "The most wanted man in Iraq". So that's all super cute, and I emailed her and she is excited to collect the cards and I know I will be sending some. THEN I read her blog closer and see that a friend of hers, Angie has a Blog Candy contest on her blog in regards to this collection. (here's THAT link) The person who sends the most cards to Dawn by May 1st will recieve a prize and of all the people who send cards there will be a second prize drawn. So that makes it even more fun.

Anyhow after emailing with Dawn and finding out what a sweetheart she is I decided to encourage all of you to send cards. Any excuse to make cards right?

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Dawn Griffith said...

WOWZIE Erin Thank you so Much . Big Cyber {{HUGS}} to you girlie for spreading the word .. Angie is such a sweetie pie for doing the blog candy .. I would also like to add when the blog candy is over .. Packages will still be going over to hubby all year from me so when ever you all want to clean out your card area in your stampin rooms Please if you find it in your heart to pass your cards on to our wonderful troops please know Hubby will be excited to recieve cards all year long to hand out for free to all the troops over on the base with him in Iraq ..PLUS everyone on the base over there gets FREE postage also for cards and letters .. so is this awesome or what ? FREE handmade card and FREE mailing
Thank you so Much Erin ..Looking forward to recieving your beautiful cards ..