Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Copic vs. Prismacolor markers vs. waterbased markers

So I broke my no buying rule. I went to HL to look around and they had a handful of prismacolor markers on clearance and then I had a coupon in my pocket (how did that get there?) so I got a single copic marker to test. The copic are TWICE the price of prismacolor... So here goes:

Red Crabs are copic on the left and impress on the right. I use impress and tombow pretty much interchangeable and won't buy a red tombow as I have a red impress..
Blue crabs feature prismacolor marker on the left and tombow on the right. I didn't have a closer match so you need to compare color coverage, not the ACTUAL COLOR. :)
This was the most important test for me. I used the PEN end of both this time. Purple clam, prismacolor pen end on the left tombow pen end on the right. I feel this most dramaticly shows the difference.

On all of them the waterbased (tombow, impress and the SU markers are all waterbased) the paper got a bit fuzzy and you can really tell where I had to go back in if I missed a spot. On the copic/prismacolor ones you cannot tell where I had to go back in.

This photo shows two things. 1. The alcohol markers bleed through the paper A LOT. There is NO marker on my desk from this but you see they went through the paper. If you make cards with no layers these will not work for you at all. 2. The tips. This is where I actually perfer the prismacolor (thank heavens they are cheaper!) because they have the wedge tip just like the copic but then a super fine tip. Strangely you see my one prismacolor one has a finer tip than the other? There is no indication on the marker of this, the little drawing that shows you the tip is the same on both. Weird.. Anyhow I wish it was the brush tip and the super tiny tip, but I MUST have the tiny tip, I stink at coloring with the copic because it's just a pretty big marker. Oh the copic won't roll off your desk.

Also the copic comes in like 300 colors, now of course over 30 of them are gray but anyhow...

So for me the plan is this, About once a week I will buy a new marker, I will ALWAYS use at least a 40% coupon for them. If I cannot find a good shade in the prismacolor I will get copic. (they have especially great pinks and flesh tones)

one last thing...

Use Stazon, I did this one with totally dry versafine ink. I even heat set it then left it for a while. You can see it was a mess.

I'll try them on glossy another day I'm not feeling well but wanted to get this to you as I know you all sit at home thinking, "What is Erin up to tonight" hahaha kidding!!! (although there are a few of YOU who I wake up and say, "I hope so and so posted overnight" I won't name names and make you blush but I bet you know who you are!

Edited to include:
I emailed Em of about her 4 pack. She has GREAT prices on the prismacolor markers. she has 5 seperate then a 4 pack, but the pack doesn't list the colors. Anyhow they are :
Tuscan red
Olive green

She's super friendly and I highly recomend getting stuff from her. ESPECIALLY if you happen to live in Canada. :)


GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Thanks so much for the comparison study. It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. I love my 4 or 5 prismacolor markers, so I'll probably stick with them and start buying more colours.

Sonya said...

I just bought some Prisma markers the other far so good. I like them. Now I need more

Annie said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I am new to stamping and coloring and all that, so this is really helpful for me!
And yes, Stampingbella is really great, she also ships overseas! I ordered some Bellas and they are now on their way over the Atlantic! Yihaaaa!!!!

Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy) said...

I use both markers as well ~~ the LSS here (I call it the "Whipper Snapper" store because they are owned by the same people & of course carry ALL the WS stamps!!) carries the Copics, but they are $5.95 & of course never go on sale. But the artist who does the samples does such an amazing job, she makes me want *all* the Copics!! But, like you, every now & then when they're on sale at HL I buy one or two ~~ otherwise I buy the Prismas. Which are still good markers. They just aren't Copcis :)

Mary said...

Great review Erin. Thanks for the tips.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comparison, Erin...lots of good info there.

May I suggest that with your next coupon you try the "flesh white" Copic? I love, love LOVE it! It does bleed through, but as you mentioned, it doesn't really mark anything underneath; I suspect it's because the alcohol dries so quickly.

I don't have the eggshell Prismacolor, but will get that on my next trip.


Thanh said...

Thanks for taking the time to show us Erin! This is awesome.

Jerry the Bear said...

Ok, using professional markers demands professional paper, for prisma I would suggest Graphics 360 (use the back of the sheet) to prevent bleeding, or just experiment and test. Also, that copic marker is enormous- you can get smaller sized markers if this one is not comfortable to hold. If you are interested in markers, copics are better in the long run because you can get refills for them, making them cheaper in the long run.