Sunday, April 01, 2007

This is how I take my photos

Ok, let me say first I am NOT posting this because I think my photos are fancy. I am doing it because my set up is simple and I have a cheap camera and I don't have special light bulbs or anythign like that at all. :) I was totally inspired by Amy R who did a tutorial on her blog you can see here. Also Stampin' Kub has been doing a series on how he takes his fantastic photos on his blog. He has a pretty fancy set up and tells you about changing light levels in the computer and all that. These two are way better at ths than me, but if you feel that you might want to star small then maybe you can try my set up.

So I have a desk lamp that I can move around and aim and a floor lamp that I lay down on it's side and prop on an open drawer. They both have florescent bulbs. I am a NUT about saving energy and so we have all those compact florescent bubls. I've read you cannot take good photos with them, but I just can't bring myself to change. Other than that I just do like Amy with the two pieces of 12x12 cardstock and arrange my card and any stuff on them.

My camera is a Fujifilm A303 3.2 megapixles camera. I take my photos for posting online at .3 megipixles. Yup, the smallest it has. I do not use a flash and use the macro (tulip) mode. (Thanks again for those tips Amy) I do crop in a photo editing program, any will do and I do "auto exposure adjust" I've tried to do the color correct and it's wrong all the time so I don't.

It takes me only a few seconds to set this up and I didn't have to spend a dime on my supplies. (see my fancy paperclip to hold my paper up.)

And that's what I do. I'll go post the card I took with this set up now and you can see.


shuggy said...

well, it makes your pictures look amazing!!

flipflops4sherri said...

So this is your trick? I will have to try it with an extra light. All of my lights seem to be ultraviolet or something (to save energy) so my photos always come out yellow. I usually take my photos outside on the front porch. Sherri

LoobyLou said...

well that looks easy. Now I just need a desk light and I'll be nearly as professional as you!! Thanks for the tip on using the tulip mode

Jovita said...

I think your set up is great. I always have a hard time with lighting, so whenever I have the chance I try to take my pics outside. I really need to get me a couple good desk lamps. I always love to see others photo set ups.

Stephanie said...

I do the same exact thing! Hahaha. :)