Monday, April 09, 2007

Erin can't follow directions.

These are my NEW cards for the Just Johanna Sketch Contest. Leave it to Erin to not read the directions. You can use ONLY Just Johanna stamps on the cards. I had made up my own goofy sayings "strange love" on mine. So here's my new cards...

They are all colored with what else... Prismacolor Markers. Not a whole lot to say, all stamps Just Johanna (duh...) The blue one that fish is actually on the inside and you see her through that window.

I still love my markers. Oh my stand for them is only supposed to hold 24 and I have 38 and it keeps dropping the extra ones I'm jamming in there then it all fell apart and I had a little spazz out and now I have no stand! heehee. It's ok, I just took it apart. I need to get something else to keep them in, I have too stinking many. Anyone need a stand for 24 prismacolor markers? It's not super fantastic...


hutch ink designs... said...

Your cards are cute....but my card is going to win! Just Kidding!

Your cards are great! I love the I want that stamp!

Good luck with the contest!

shuggy said...

nice paper in the top card...see my blog!! hehe

cute cards. i wish i would have got the fist. i wish my stamps would get here!!!