Sunday, April 08, 2007

April Self Addressed Kit is here!

My April Self Addressed (link) kit came yesterday and I had to make a quick card. No stamping on this one. (I know, shocking) I felt the patern paper was enough. That little ribbon buckle thingie is a brad, how neat. Up in the left corner there is a little heart dohickie. I have no idea what it's for, but it sure is cute. Oh and it was all bulky shaped, so I put it on and then hit it with a hammer until it was flat. (I'm not into bulk) That's pretty much it for this card, all supplies except for the white prefolded card were in the kit.

I love that monthly club I get tons of junk in each kit and it all goes together so cute. This kit came with chipboard flowers, not sure what I'm gonna do with those.

I went to a crop Friday night. I only made 4 cards and I gave them all to the store to use as store samples. I did chat and generally have a nice night though so that's cool. I also bought just a very few things. Oh and I got to see the copic markers that the store is thinking of getting. They were nice but I am commited to my Prismacolor ones as I now have 30 some odd of them! (Did I mention I found more at HL on clearance?) I even have the little stand thingie. Anyhow I've researched online and now know how to blend some with them and combine colors to make new shades so I'm loving them. (course you can do all that with copic ones too) Apparently there is this woman who does amazing things witht he copic and Jodie is going to go take a class with her and come back and teach the rest of us... Pretty cool. (hey guys, I'm going to do another big entry about markers with links to cool stuff I've found, but I know not all my readers are super into makers yet so I'm going to wait a few posts, don't want to bore anyone!)

Well that's all for now. Oh and special thanks to Ronnie! *wink* (see there I said something to you)


Wife2TJ said...

So so cute!!! Love those wonderful colors!

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Neat card, Erin. I can't wait to get my kit!

Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy) said...

Hey Erin ~~ glad you found some good info on marker coloring & blending ~~ care to share where you found it?? I'm trying to find a good online tutorial for marker use ~~ I have a few Prismas, & a few Copics & I would love some pointers. Wish I lived closer to HL ~~ the nearest one is 40 minutes away & I just can't find the time to get there. Last time I was there was about a month ago ~~ they didn't have any Prismas on clearance, unless I didn't look in the right place. But now I want to go back!! LOL!!

shuggy said...

oh man!! mine better come tomorrow!

so cute!

Roniece said...

Man Erin you make me spend money!! I have gone Pink Cat crazy and I am joining the kit club.