Monday, April 23, 2007

How to doodle a simple grass line

Ok, get a pen, it can't be just any pen... I think you can use the pen end of your SU marker in a pinch. but i love the zig pens, I use a .01 tip, or a .05 depending. (HL has them) Ok, got your pen? just use a normal pen if you can't find the fancy ones. Then stamp an image. For this I recomend an animal. We are gonna doodle grass.

got it stamped? Don't color it yet! If you mess up the doodling you will be heartbroken! (believe me I know)

Ok, start with the grass line. this does NOT go right at his feet, that looks funky. it goes about a quarter way up the leg, try to make it go straight even when you have to break the line for the legs, maybe use a ruler or a scrap of any stright paper. Here's how I want you to do it:

1. Start at one end. draw a line, doesn't have to be perfect, then stop, do only like a quarter of an inch to a half of an inch.

2. then three or more dashes going up, don't have to be perfect, can come from the same point or just be all sitting there, whatever makes you happy.
3. now after a slight space start your line again. Do this over and over across the "grass line" of your image. Now everything above that is sky and below it is grass.
You can add some partial grass lines below the grass line for added depth.

Color it green, you can color the whole thing or just right along the lines. This is the very first thing I doodled. I only know this, the clouds and the edges thing. I'm serious, do it right now and show us! You will love it, it's so easy. there are more complicated doodle grasses, but I'm stuck on this easy one.
I am by no means an expert doodler. That's the point! I PROMISE you can do this simple grass business. It's great because then your images are not floating around in limbo.
This cow is an old Michael's Dollar stamp. I don't think he's out anymore.


Anonymous said...

Now that I see it, I think I can do it. I'll post it when I do. Thanks Erin.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us. You make it look easy. spartymom

shuggy said...

let's have another m's cow revolution!!!

i love it!! thanks for teaching us!

chelemom said...

What a cute way to add dimension to your card! TFS!

Wife2TJ said...

Very cute! I have that stamp, but haven't used it yet.

Colleen Schaan said...

Cool, I found your site through Talk to the Ham...I really like what you have in your posts...a lot of variety! I love to doodle...your grass is great!

Heather said...

I found this from Allison's "Stampin' When I Can" blog. Thanks for the visual on how to doodle in grass. I, too, love those Zig Millenium pens!

StampingontheLakefront said...

I thought I had this cow stamp - I DO!! So cool and pretty easy too. Thanks for the tip and found you via Allison and Stamping When I can.


Sonya said...

Erin, you have been tagged. I got tagged by Jovi and now your it. You can check out my blog to see that I tagged you..hehe

Alli Miles said...

Thanks for the visual of the grass :)