Monday, April 09, 2007

Playing with Markers more!

Ok, if you are so sick of hearing about my new Prismacolor Markers, feel free to scroll down and just look at the pictures. I've heard that lots of you just look at the pics anyhow. (Jodie!)

But if you are ready to hear even more about my markers and even watch a movie then grab a soda and lets go!

I can't remember if I told you about the package deal at Costco. (Yes costco the warehouse store) It's $38 for 12 prismacolor pencils, 12 prismacolor markers 12 prismacolor watercolor pencils, 12 prismacolor art sticks (no idea how stampers would use those but watch they will be the next big thing) a CD Rom that's instructional two types of eraser, something else I cannot remember and it's all in a wood case. Now how cool is that? I tell you Costco rocks. I didn't get it as I had all that stuff but someone should buy it!

I wanted to learn more so I started with the Prismacolor Website. It's pretty cool. You can see about the markers and all on there. I have read over and over on the message boards that the markers are "solvent based" instead of "alcohol based" but on the Prismacolor site it says they are alcohol based. I feel we must believe them, I rekon they know! There is a video of an artist using them, he does blending and stuff and it's really cool. Here's the link. He also uses them in combo with his prismacolor pencils. I must have convinced you to buy the pencils by now right?

I wanted to learn more of course so I googled Prismacolor Markers and found plenty of stuff. Lots of it has to do with Manga Artists. That's pretty cool stuff but some went way over my head. I did find this artist message board deviantART. Generally that board is over my head too (and I don't think I'll join something with "deviant" in the name I have a "white bread" reputation to uphold), but there was a post where a member gives a very detailed review of the markers. It's long but a great read. Here it is.

It's all true, you can make colors by overlapping two, so you can put down red, then put yellow on top and get orange. Another thing I'm loving is that if you color one dark color then go over it with a light it does not gunk up your light colored marker! Even black to yellow, it's just fine. gotta love that right?

I don't have the blender marker yet so I've been practicing with blending by coloring in with my lighter color, then adding some darker then taking the lighter and going back over where they meet. You have to go pretty quick, once it's dry it doesn't work as well.

Also paper matters. I use normal office cardstock and it's working fine. I'm going to get some "Smooth Bristol" though as that deviantART person said to and I do what I'm told! I'll report on that. I tried this really cheap paper that I had and it didn't work at all. It blurred stazon and palette inks which normally do not smear and also the colors were all ugly on it and generally yucky. I tried on an envelope a bill came in and it was GREAT! How totally strange. Oh and glossy doesn't seem to work great, but you know your normal waterbased markers are awesome on glossy so that's good, gotta use them for something right? (as I have about a million of those too!)

Ok, on to the cards I guess!
This little boy is "Kevin" and he's by The Angel Company. He is colored with the markers, I used eggshell for the skin. I'm really loving this color for skin. His hair is goldenrod which I think is the best light haircolor too. I drew in the wallpaper and floor lines before I noticed he has a bee with his flower! Opps! I guess there is a bee in the kitchen? This kid looks a LOT like my son Stephen by the way. Oh and I used the blending on the flower and his pants can you tell? You can tell in person.

These are my newest Pink Cat Studio stamps. We all know I am in love with that stamp line of course. I used a bit of the shading on the umbrella, it's apple green with true blue on the edges, then blended back out with apple green. I drew on those sketchy marks on the edge I tried to make my normal sketchie marks look more Asian, I think maybe they just look like barbed wire? Anyhow I'm generally happy.
And that's what I have for you today! I want to know if you are bored with hearing about markers or if you want more? I mean I'll be using them more, but do you want me to talk about them in detail more or just move on already?


shuggy said...

wow. those are great.

asela said...

Thanks so much for the information. You did an awesome job coloring in the images! Your cards are great

Anonymous said...

Love all of the "lessons" you give. Now, if I could only get down and DO some of the stuff we'd be set! ;-)

Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy) said...

Well, you already know how I feel ~~ lol ~~ I could talk about markers for hours so chat away!! We can learn together :)