Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My newest Costco Buy.

I should get a job at Costco, I swear I spend so much time and $$ there!
Ok, see this giant dry erase/magnet board? I love it! I have it covered in cards my friends made me! It's right by where I sit see:
So I can look over and get inspired anytime. I had a blast going through my box of cards looking for things to put up. I share this room with Brian's sports crap collection so it's nice to have something beautiful to look at.

The board was $20 and came with markers, an eraser and magnets. The magnets were strong but tall so they didn't work, they held the cards open ya know? So I had to go out today and get a pack of strong flat magnets. (craft department at Michaels)

Oh see that hat hanging over it? My stepmom is friends with Jack Nicholas and she had him sign that for Brian and you know what? It fell when we were putting the board up! The acrylic broke but Brian said it's not major just a crack so he's not replacing it. It was hard/expensive to find that perfect hat display thingie.

Anyhow that's my newest Costco buy. I plan to change it out regularly! :)


shuggy said...

how fun! i see a card from me!

i love the color of your room!

Wife2TJ said...

Great space! Love the wall color. I bought one of these magnetic boards (okay well two) at Ikea, but have yet to hang them up. I wanted to display my cards on them as well. Love your room!