Monday, April 16, 2007

I almost forgot!

I almost forgot I promised to tell you what I got at the Garage Sale! I got a TON of magazines, literally like 50 or so! I also got a few stamps, including one SU set I knew was gonna be there and I really wanted, I got like 8 SU inkpads in cool colors (not cool temp colors like blue but cool, neato colors...) I got a pack of watercolor crayons. I'm SURE there is some reason I need those and I'll be prepared next time someone makes something awesome and says they used those. I got a box for my friend Nita that she can store pencils in, a stamp-a-ma-jig for my Birthday Erin's Favorite Things box (ie next month's blog candy), some paper and some other unmounted stamps for a few friends who I KNEW would love these particular stamps. I think that's about it... The store had a sale too and I got the dinosaur from the "You may be old" card at 20% off. I spent a record breaking $90! OUCH. I've already sold $65 of my stuff BEFORE the sale so I only need to make an additional $25 to break even. I'd like to make more of course! :)


Anonymous said...

Hmm...wonder how many of those magazines / books were from the stack I took there?? I was #29. I wanted to go so bad and ended up with a bad gallbladder attack and in the ER all day on Sunday. wah wah! I wanted some fun stuff!!


Erin K said...

WOW Cinda! Almost ALL of them were yours! I think I just got your whole stack! How funny.