Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still in order... sorta.

I am still doing the Go To Sketches cards in order. But I've grown tired of trying to figure out which order to show them to you. And some I already gave away. And some really stunk. So I'm doing them in order for myself, but showingyou in whatever order I want. On this one (using a ton of product from the Joy Ride collection by Cosmo Cricket) I decided to use one of those slider thingies on. It took forever to get it to work right, it wanted to be a spinner, I wanted it to stay flat, we argued for sometime, but I finally got it right.
I think it's really super duper cute. Now to actually SEND it to someone!
Also did you guys see on Facebook that I won the Cards Magazine Unity Stamps giveaway? I don't have any Unity stamps either so it's double plus fun. Suzi told us all over on Stamp Shack to enter. THANKS Suzi! Apparently Unity stamps are very addicitve. I hope I don't get TOO hooked! haha.

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