Monday, May 17, 2010

New-ish Papertrey

I got a new to me Papertrey order for my birthday a few weeks ago. I know there is another new release after that but this stuff is still new to me! :) Super simple masculine card. The dot is from that set you could earn by buying enough over the previous year. The whole set is pretty cute but I LOVE this dot row. :) The other stuff is from a set called masculine motifs I think. I have SUCH a hard time with masculine cards, I hope this helps.
The woodgrain here is not papertrey, they have some fine looking woodgrain stamps, but this is my Hero Arts one that I'm in LOVE with. The dahlia and sentiments are papertrey though. I really like this turquoise/brown combo. :)
In Other News:
In about an hour I go to the Dr for a baby checkup. Oh this will come as a SHOCK to those who know us well but if the baby is a girl we think we may not name her Megan, we have been feeling like she's a Lily! And that doesn't end in an "n" so we think we will do Lilyann, pronounced "Lily Ann" not "Lily En". I've even been calling the baby in the tummy "the LilyBean" I don't know what brought all this on. Just in the past few weeks. I don't even know yet if it's a girl. If it's a boy we promise NOT to name him Lily ok? haha. I mostly feel fine, I get headaches and I get dizzy/black out pretty easy. It was super hot in Sacrament meeting at church yesterday and I blacked out. Gross. But mostly I'm good.
My hair is still weird. I tried to bleach it lighter with some medium gold blonde, but it turned DARKER. Way darker. So weird. I'm leaving it now though, enough's enough.


Alyssa S said...

These are really great cards! I love that koi fish - so cool!
Ugh on the blackouts - def not fun! I love the name though!

BeckyButtshaw said...

yay for lilys! i love that name :) glad you are feeling better, hopefully they can get you something for the headaches.