Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun with Gina K.

I have some new Gina K. Designs stamps so of course I wanted to play.

First up I colored these trees with colored pencils and odorless mineral spirits. A technique I've done before but after watching the videos on Stamp TV I wanted to work with again. Then I watched the bleaching videos at Stamp TV and decided to get my bleach back out. Again, done this before, but revisiting it was fun. I bleached the bird with a paintbrush, then added color with colored pencil. Stamped the snowflakes with bleach. I love how this card came out.
This next card is a bit of a mess. Basicly it is a bunch of stuff I wanted to use, all on one card. Borrowed the background stamp from my friend Roniece, ribbon from my Aussie friend Sarah. Stamped on an index page from an atlas for the "patern paper" Anyhow this is a lot of stuff going on for my tastes, but it was really fun to make.
This is playing with bleach again. I love how you can have a nicely colored image on a dark background with the bleach. I painted the deer, he came out super light brown, then I used colored pencil to add back some color for him.
These stamps are by Gina K. Designs. Inspirational videos found HERE on Stamp TV.
ETA I have a trimmer. I didn't get the other one, it's lost in the mail, I did a return with Joannes on that one and bought a Making Memories trimmer in the store. With a coupon, saved $20. I am very happy with it. So that's over.

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runningonink said...

WOW you have been one busy bee! I love how they all came out but I have to say that the dove one is my favorite! You go girl!