Friday, March 20, 2009

A card, a rant and a ramble.

I got some stamps and made this card. Using Fifth Avenue Floral By Stampin up. Also still no paper trimmer, so hand cut layers. (more on that in a moment) I am happy with the card. I need more yellow cardstock, I can't get enough lately. Ok you can just click your next blog if you want to skip the rant and ramble.

FedEX Smart Post is CRAP. I ordered a new paper trimmer from Joannes Online like 16 days ago. (Tonic 12 inch) It's not here. So I have been tracking it. It's been in town sense the 14th. Today is the 20th people. So I call them today. Turns out Smart Post is this, Fedex picks it up and brings it to town. They then deliver it to the Post Office. Then the Post Office processes the package and will deliver it to me. How on EARTH is that "Smart". They should call it "Stupid Post" or even more to the point, "Piss Erin Off Post" *sorry if that language is strong for some folks*. I mean SERIOUSLY??? So my package left the main post office yesterday. I assume it went to my post office, where it was processed. I may get it today, probably tomorrow. I've almost mastered cutting with scissors. Maybe I don't even WANT the danged thing. *kidding, I DO want it, very much*

So I have two "followers" I don't know much about that. I read my blogs in google reader, so I don't follow anyone. But I see a little link to "2 Followers" whenever I log into my account to post. Whoever you are you 2 folks always cheer me up. :)


Suzi said...

Awesome card!! I can't believe how well you cut w/o a trimmer!

I had a run in w/that "smart @$$ post" before too. Lands' End did that to me. TOOK over a MONTH to get my sweatshirt to me. I was NOT pleased!! Hope your trimmer gets her today!

Heather B. said...

You rock without a trimmer....I can't get paper straight with a trimmer!! Anyway I have to agree with you on smartpost! I used to always order from because they shipped ups and I would get my order (most of the time) next day (they ship from MI and I live in OH!) It was awesome! Then they switched to smartpost and it takes well over a week to get my shipment! When I tracked my last package it left MI and then went to PA (??) then back to OH!! CRAZY!! I have not ordered from Joanns since they switched! Thanks for letting me vent!
Anywho...I love your blog especially your quilts/bags...they are great! Thanks for sharing your talent!!
Heather B.

Melio said...

The DS business I sell for switched to Smart Post for a few months - they swore up and down that delivery times would be the same ... NOT! It was a disaster. It took FOREVER for the stuff to come in. Ugh! I feel for you, but eventually the wait will be over!

Jen said...

Stunning card Erin! Sorry that 'smart post' is holding your cutter hostage. :(

Linzy said...

Fed Ex pretty much blows. When Jorge moved to Kansas they delivered ALL of his stuff-including a flat screen TV to the wrong apartment-and the people that lived in the apartment ACCEPTED the stuff, even though they knew it wasn't theirs. We got the stuff back, but seriously...

As far as your followers, I just added you a few minutes ago. I am just starting a blog, so I added you. We'll see how it goes. My blog I mean, I know yours is great.

Hope you get your trimmer SOON!