Friday, March 20, 2009

Bunch of Cards. :)

Here are some bee cards with my new bee set from Stampin' UP! I colored both with watercolor crayons.
I got stamps again today! This time from Gina K. Designs. I also got some of her Pure Luxury cardstock, both the layering weight and the base weight.

First of all, ohmyheck, that cardstock is outstanding. I've long been a fan of Papertrey's cardstock, and I do still like it, but this Gina K cardstock is EVEN BETTER. I know, why would I need better cardstock than the much loved Papertrey, but yeah, it's really that much better. A bit thicker, brighter white, smoother, and Copics don't bleed through the heavyweight one. So I can now make single layer copic cards. the stamp on this card is from the Fifth Avenue Floral set by Stampin' Up!
I also am participating in a challange on StampTV. It's a sketch challange, you can find it HERE. And here are my cards for it. *all the stamps for these are Gina K.

This next one is my favorite.

And I also played around with sponges and brayers and direct to paper. I'm not so sure about this card but thought I'd share it. Still no paper trimmer. I HATE FEDEX SMART POST. I thought it was my trimmer when my Gina K box came because that only shipped yesterday and the trimmer shipped two weeks ago. Course I'm always happy to get a box of stamps. But seriously WHERE IS MY TRIMMER. I am sick and tired of cutting with scissors. Which with a broken arm isn't all that easy anyhow.

In other news I might get a dog! Probably not, but if so it will rock.


Cinda said...

These are great! I get all ready to get rid of all my stamps because I don't use them, and then you post some beautiful ones like this, and I can't get rid of my stamps.

My favorite is the one with multiple flowers and only the 1 colored in.

runningonink said...

WOW you rock these out! I can't believe you can do this with only one hand! I love them all!

Jen said...

These are all great! Love your coloring on the bee cards and the 5th Ave Floral card--so pretty in yellow!

I think your sponged tree card at the end is great! Love how you did the clouds covering your moon--very cool!

I hope your trimmer comes today. And that DH lets you get a dog. We're getting a pomeranian, DH isn't thrilled and told me he didn't want one.

I looked at him and said, "I'm the one home with it all day. I'm the one that will feed it, wash it and clean up after it. I am the one that will train it. Your opinion doesn't matter since you will have to deal with the dog very little."

He's getting used to it now. I recommend watching 'Dog Whisperer' a lot. That's what I've been making DH do, he's softening cause now we are learning all these cool ways of dealing with dogs.

Karen said...

Wow, Erin! One handed, no trimmer, and you are still rockin' it out!! There are some really fab cards here! :> (TiikkiStars @ the Shack)