Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on the Trimmer

Ok yall. It's MY FAULT the trimmer is not here.
I transposed two numbers in my zip code. The lady at the post office today was so nice to figure all this out. My package is currently in Datona. She does not know when it will come here. One of two things will happen, either someone will say, "Hey that's not the right zip code" and look it up, or it will get returned to sender. Then I guess Joannes will resend it.
I feel terrible that it's all this extra work for my mistake.
I wish they had a thing where next time it was scanned (gets scanned every few days) it would say, "Wrong zip, send it to Erin at this zip xxxxx" But I guess not.
I guess I just wait now.
IN other news I got a dog! His name is Wilbur, got him at the Animal Shelter.


runningonink said...

Hope your trimmer comes soon even it it was your mistake!

Wilbur is adorable! I am sure you will all enjoy him!

Cindi said...

well Erin at least you know what happened to your trimmer, so thats good. And wow!! Wilbur is a sweetie!! just look at cute. I want to come down and play with him!!

Anonymous said...

Wilbur looks like a real sweetie!

asela said...

Oh you got a full grown dog! oh.... hope your trimmer returns to you soon