Monday, March 09, 2009

Don't let that cast stop your spending.

So while I wait for my hospital and orthopedic surgeon bills I thought it would be smart to buy some things...


So I was low on my ATG refill. I got it from The Tape Depot. HERE is a link. For heavens sake change it to 12 roll sub pack or you will be buying a CASE which is like a million of the things. Anyhow they shipped SO fast! I LOVE fast shipping, gives me a happy feeling. Also there was a funky computer issue putting my order in so I had to call and a real live person (Ralph) answered and talked to me like I was a valued customer and emailed me the details we talked about after and so on. LOVE them. Their tape is WAY cheaper than the 3M and I've heard fantastic reviews on Splitcoast. If the ladies of Splitcoast all agree something is worth having I don't worry one bit about buying it.

Which brings me to my next purchase. Did I mention that I broke my trimmer? I had a Dahle trimmer. It was expensive. It did last a long time. I dropped it about a year ago and it didn't cut quite straight. Then the other day I was trying to clean something out of it and broke it. So I threw it out. After consulting The Stamp Shack and Splitcoast I decided to get the 12 inch base Tonic trimmer. I got it on Joannes online. I spent $6 on shipping, only to get a free shipping coupon the next day but let's not talk about that ok? I did get a great price on the trimmer.

And finally my SU order. Can you belive I'm still fussing with that? Well I am. I think I'm just getting that adorable bee set and fifth ave floral. Maybe Lovely as a Tree as well. I've ignored that set for a while because it's so hyped, but sheesh if it really isn't a great set. And I never have anything for cards for men. So I may have gotten that in under the wire on my SU order. Or my demo may have started ignoreing me because of me changing my order every few hours. haha.

The best news is I'm not in pain anymore. Well a tiny bit of dull pain, but I can really function. Which means no more nightime Vicoden. I'll miss you drug induced evenings. And I think everyone will miss my lack of inhibitions.

Oh I'm still hand sewing on that hex quilt. It takes forever though, no new pics yet.

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Cindi said...

so glad your not in pain anymore Erin!! and hey..if a girl can't craft much, of course she has to shop!! wink wink