Wednesday, March 04, 2009

more one handed crafts

So it's going to be 6 weeks in the cast. I can't NOT craft for that long.

I broke my paper trimmer on that card. It can't be fixed. I ordered the tonic one SU sells, I hear great reviews. Until then I tried some hand sewing.

I have hundreds of these little English Paper Piecing hexagons so I started sewing them together. It works. It's slow but it works.

Did I tell you my TV is broken too? Bad timing as I'd love to just curl up and watch movies. but we are blessed to be getting a second hand TV in a few weeks. So for now it's me, hand sewing and books.

AND your blogs! Please blog a lot in the next 6 weeks so I can feel I'm still part of the craft community!


runningonink said...

Oh my this is nice! Slow and steady wins the race you know? I am happy that you are not totally bored!

pescbrico said...

This will do an awesome quilt!!!

Peggy said...

Erin- you have so much that happens in your life! Wishing you a speedy recovery! You can add my blog to a place to check... I'd love for you to visit!

Ravenhill said...

Poor you! A cast! My heart bleeds for you! I hope you will be healed up fast. Wonderful that you are able to do some sewing despite your temporary handicap. Where there is a will there is a way!