Friday, March 13, 2009

Flickr Mosaic

I'm trying out making mosaics with my flickr photos. I used I'm still tryign to figure out how to hand pick what I show. (So I can bring back, Cute Monday) But here are some randomly from my favorites.
1. Zig zag mini quilt, 2. The Snow Ball Mini Quilt, 3. Calamity Kim's Tea with Alice, 4. Circuits Quilt Front After Quilting, 5. Bee Quilt Out of the Box- October, 6. Sept. Mini Quilt Swap Owl Theme, 7. Illustration, 8. DQS5 - Another Peek, 9. Gray Elephant, 10. birdy, 11. disappearing nine patch completed, 12. dqs5 getting started, 13. doll quilt wall, 14. Child Quilt, 15. doll quilt, 16. Doll Quilt Wall


Marina said...


Heidi said...

#8: Another Peek with its birds and owl is one of my favorites too.

Jen said...

I'm totally impressed that you figured out how to do mosaic pictures like that! Too cool!