Friday, May 22, 2009

Sick again

I know it seems like I'm sick all the time. It's because I'm a huge baby and I tell you every time I'm sick. Even if I'm just a smidge sick.

But this week. NOT just a smidge. Oh My Heck. Let's see. Saturday I went to a crop. It was AWESOME. I had a blast. Made 4 cards, I'll show them soon. Went to breakfast after the crop which was great too. Talking, laughing and such.

Sunday work up with sore throat. Could be lack of sleep and talking too much, no biggie. My friend Roniece joined us for church Sunday which made it really special. I felt a little off at church, but ok.

Get home and make dinner. Feeling odd now. Clean the kitchen and hit the bed. Sleep for hours.

And hours.

Wake up around 7pm, feeling HORRIBLE. High fever, can't swallow anything, dizzy. Just nasty sick.

Go back to bed. More sleeping.

Monday Wake up, sicker. Yes, Even more sick. Sinus pressure, fainting feeling, fever staying at 105. Back to bed.

Repeat that a few times. Sicker each time. fever saying at 105.

Add in some angry emails from my mom and bff Kim telling me to go to the Dr.

Call Dr. Lay on couch
Go to Dr.
It's a virus. Nothing they can do. Need rest and fluids. Oh I've been drinking gallons of water, but not eating food. Dr doesn't care about the food. Just drink a lot.
Back home, sleep.

My AWESOME friend Annette comes to pick up kids at 9am. I go to bed
Wake up at 2pm. Feel pretty ok. No fever. Super crazy sinus pressure, but no fever.

Get kids back at 6pm (told you she's awesome).

From then Just slow improvement. Today I'm a bit snotty, coughing a bit, but I've been awake for four hours and I feel fine.

Isn't it amazing how GOOD it feels to feel good after being sick?

Oh and I don't think it was swine flu. Just regular flu.

And that's why no cards this week. I'm sure you understand.

ETA Oh and I didn't loose any weight not eating for 4 days. Delightful.

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Anonymous said...

awww you poor thing! I wish I could come help you out! Hang in there! Hope you are better ASAP!