Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stamping Bella

I love the new Kito line at Stamping Bella. I was in my LSS the other day, getting some copic markers refilled, and Jodie brought it up. She was doing an order. I said, "Add me a few!" They came in Friday, I picked them up last night, here they are:
In other news:
I'm totally healthy. Whatever flu-type issues I had last week are gone.
In bad news I saw a car accident yesterday that is haunting me. I can't get over it, everytime I close my eyes I see it again. I've screamed, cried, tried to research it on the google to see how the people are doing (no news story yet). I've never seen anything like it. I pray I never see anything like that again.

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Karen said...

I would not have realized that those were from StampingBella had you not said so. They are so cute! And I just LOVE your cards with them! :>

So sorry about the car accident you witnessed. Even seeing a fender bender seems like it occurs in slow motion for me and stays for quite some time.
(aka TiikkiStars)