Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two more aprons

So this apron thing. Are you sick of it yet? *don't really tell me if you are, your silence speaks volumes*
Well I'm NOT sick of it. So today I made TWO new aprons. Now each apron I've made has been totally different. Different construction, different lengths, widths, ties. I'm just playing around, seeing what I like. No patterns or anything.

This Ikea fabric one was the fastest EVER. It was lickity split. It's not lined though, the Ikea fabric is home dec weight and so it's thick like canvas. I think that doesn't need a lining. I did carefully turn the edges and such so no raw edges either. I did the waistband/ties in a new cool way. I think it is THE new way for me. If any single person cares I'll take pics and do a tutorial later. Then I have this one. This has a seperate waist band. that seperate waistband is interfaced. I've got a bit of a tummy and things want to roll on me. I HATE that. This wide interfaced waist band does not roll. Wide waistbands also make me FEEL skinnier. Also the tie comes all the way to the front. (Ikea one does too)

See how this one angles in to the top and the Ikea one does not? Well this one looks cuter flat on my table, but the Ikea one is just as cute ON. So I'm not sure about that either.
Also I lined this one with some vintage linens. I think this is clever and green of me. And cheap. So I think I'm going to be using that idea on some of my other aprons.

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