Friday, May 22, 2009

Attack of the Apron Muse

I was minding my own business, cutting squares for my 9 Patch quilt when this red fabric came to my attention. It screamed at me that it was ment to be an apron. I discussed how lovely and red it is and how I'm needing more reds in my quilt, but the fabric said NO it must be an apron. I opened it up, and there was enough. So, not being one to argue with fabric:
It's hard to really see the black ad white print. It's tiny bubble type dots. I love it. And I love it with the red. Which is red with tiny white dots and tiny white flowers arranged in circles.
This fancy little trim I've had for a while I think it was Kim who sent it to me. It went straight into the "too special to use" pile. But today I thought it was just right.
So here is the thing. I really don't need an apron. I think I have about 20. I only use one. Do YOU need an apron? A cute one like this? If you think you could use this apron drop me a line. I'll pick a name sometime on Sunday and mail this out to you. International entries welcome.
Oh you can also just tell me about how much you love the apron but that you don't need an apron. I don't mind that either. :)


Anonymous said...

OH my heavens this is super duper cute! Yes, indeed I sent you that trim and it totally rocks on here!

Cinda said...

You are too good! Just whipping out projects!! Very cute

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes I do! I need it. I love them and I need it! lol
Love ya girl!

Tiph said...

I LOVE aprons....especially cool ones made by the ONE and ONLY Erin K!!!! Red looks good on blondes. I'm a blonde. I love you EK!

kclairmont said...

Erin, this is so adorable. You do great work. I would love a cute apron like this but would be happy for anyone that wins it. I love checking out all your projects. Wish I could sew like you do.

Miss Iowa said...

OHMYHECK that fabric combination is awesome! It goes beautifully with my Empire Red KitchenAid. And you know... "someone" (I ain't saying who) just celebrated a birthday on Friday and would really be surprised to receive an Erin K Creations apron! HINT HINT WINK WINK!

Annette said...

Darn. I got here too late. But it is really cute! Lucky Em.