Monday, March 26, 2007

Check this out! (faking the beloved scallop punch)

Ok, so blog hopping today I found THIS on Paper Pleasing Ideas. This is one of my favorites and I could just kiss Julie today! You must go read that link, she tells us how to make our own scalloped circles perfectly for those of us who are not ready to shell out the $20 for a punch yet. (I'm sure the day will come)
So I made the circle, actually I made 3 because I kept changing my mind about the colors I wanted to use, but anyhow then I did some masking and stamped the Delight in Life flower over and over. Colored it with prisma's and gamsol and cut it with the coluzzle as well and layered. I outlined one of the flowers in a black glaze pen as well as did the penwork on the scallop. Good news, these bumps are a bit larger and it made the penwork even easier. Then I cut a window in my card and mounted the scallop piece on the inside of the card so it shows in the window. I'm not sure about the ribbon that's tied on, I might take it back off but there it is for now.
I remade this card 4 times, it took hours! It's totally NOT worth hours, but what ya gonna do? I'm sure I'm not the only one who strayed so far from their original idea that it's nothing like what they had in mind. Anyhow I'm not totally in love, I think windows freak me out, but it was fun to play and do some things I haven't done before.
On a related note my friend Linzy sent me what appears to be hundreds of scallop punchies today! I'm way excited. I hope that these together with the ability to sorta make my own will get me though for another month or so till I decide if I want to buy them. It's funny how much thought I'm putting into this $20 purchase isn't it? heehee.
Ok, huggeronies,


Ronnie78 said...

This is my first time on your blog and i must say your cards are VERY cute. I am super jealous!! i have fallen in love with the Pink Cat stamp company, thanks to you!!

Suzi said...

Ok, I don't have the SU corner rounder but, I'm going to a SU party tonite & I guess I'm gonna have to get it.

I went out & bought a pair of scallop scissors (just when I thought I'd NEVER buy another pair of decor scissors) and I tried to make a scallop square. IT SUCKED!!!!! I remember WHY I never use decor scissors.

Amy said...

I found your blog through a comment you left about your pretend scallop puch. Your card looked great and I enjoyed browsing your blog! I'll put you on my google reader and I look forward to seeing more of your great art! Stop by sometime!

laos348 said...

Great job on this card! You did great on your own scalloped circle.

Erin K said...

Hey Ronnie! :) I'm glad you found the blog.