Thursday, March 15, 2007

Everyone is doing it... (My post about CASEing)

So why not me?

This post is about CASEing or whatever you want to call it. So here's my deal with this.

If you don't know CASEing is "Copy And Steal (or Share) Everything", also known as "scraplift".

First of all I have nothing but respect for those ladies whose blogs I look at. I hope that is clear in my post. I will always try to give credit when I am taking more than a reasonable amount of a design. Now elements from a design, I think those are free to take. Like right now I'm seeing a lot of putting your sentiment on a little tab that sticks out from behind your main image. I LOVE that and am going to use it without apology or credit given to anyone. Or sketching around the edge of your stuff, who thought of that? Who knows? Anyhow Erin's gonna do it! Now my pig in a herd of cows card, I feel that crosses the line of what you can do without giving credit so I linked the inspiration. You will see I did try to change up some of it, different layout, slightly different colors. I did use pink and black, I challange anyone to say they thought of using pink and black on a cow and pig card, perhaps we shall credit God with that color combo? (this is joking, no one has harrassed me about it, I'm giving an example) If I ever did do exactly the same card I wouldn't show it on my blog, what's the point, it's already out there, on the first person's blog! I also sketch layouts from people's cards and later do them, change up a bit and make totally different cards with element placement the same or similar. I really think that's ok to do.

As for MY blog:
If you see something you like here you go right ahead and CASE it! Take it all I really don't mind. You can or cannot link to me when you post it on the net. I really, truly don't mind. Also if you are a demonstrator or class teacher and want to use something I did I don't care about that either. I'd rather you not make my exact card and try to get it published or enter it in a contest, as I do those things and it might looks funky if we send the same card, but I'm not gonna flame you or anything! Oh and if you are inspired by something I did that I noted who I got the idea from please give THAT person credit. Because I don't care, but they probably do care, and that's why I credited them in the first place.

And that's all I have to say about CASEing and such. I'm sure you've all heard enough about it on every other blog you visit but thought I'd put in my 2cent on my own blog.



flipflops4sherri said...

I agree 100% with you!! Sherri

Thanh said...

Thank you for your contribution in the whole case-ing factor, Erin. As I am new to this whole thing (well, 8 months now) lol I still need to learn the do's and dont's.