Sunday, March 25, 2007

Garage Sale at the LSS

What's all that junk Erin??

Glad you asked! So April 14th my LSS (That's Local Stamp Store), Scrap n' Stamp is having a garage sale. You call ahead and get a number then price all your old stuff you don't use anymore and they sell it in the sale for you. They take 15% and you get a check a few days later for the rest. It's perfect because you don't have to even be there! So I went through my stuff, not thinking I'd have much, I sold in the last one 6 months ago then sold a bunch of my stamps on The Stamp Shack in January. But turns out the amount of crap I have is endless! It took me a few hours last night to price everything. I usually make about $150 - $200 in these sales so it's worth it for me! Course I usually spend about $50 too! ;)

My big thing is I price everything CHEAP. All this garbage I have here, only two things are $3 everything else is less, most is less than a dollar! I always price like this and make tons of money, basicly I don't want any of it back ya know?

So isn't that fun! Oh and I'm not considering selling any of this stuff online, I just wanted you to see what a pile of stuff I have! :)

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