Monday, March 19, 2007

Great Mail = FUN

So we got 4 packages today and two envelopes! Brian got two of the packages and it was super cool stuff for him (ie boring sports collectable crap) I got my backordered SU paper and a TAC order (but not for me, for customers) and my friend Linzy sent me punchies of the giga oval and circle. Also I got a nice card and check :) from a TAC customer.
So you know what I had to do at naptime! YUP make cards of course. I'm really happy that the crab is playing well with the yummy papers I got. I love that card. The second card I'm not as sure about. I'm gonna blame Ethan who woke up from his nap and was "helping" me with it. (Ethan's just 9 months old his helping was wanting to nurse, then eating crayons and making a cute mess with that) Anyhow it's ok, I'll keep it, but I'm not in love.


Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy on SCS) said...

Well, I do love both cards ~~ they're adorable!! I just found your blog (cuz ya uploaded on SCS) & have added it to my ever growing list of "must reads" ~~ you do wonderful work!!

hutch ink designs... said...

I think both your cards are wonderful! You are making me think I need that crab set....I did not think that I liked it until I saw all you super duper cute cards!


Allison said... that crab!