Monday, March 19, 2007

Here's 3 more with the Polka Dot & Paisley set. I'm really loving it. It's so funny because as I've told you I ONLY got it so I could get the crab at half off! I know I'm a nut!

Let's see, the top one I accidentally inked my wheel in brown ink and decided to just go with it. I was temped to add some pink of course, but challanged myself NOT to do it.

The other two are of course very similar. I felt that they were just asking for some rhinestones. These particular ones are from the Dollar Tree, they are supposed to be for "blinging" your cell phone, they are self adhesive. Of course I would never put rhinestones on my phone, but I will put them on a card.

All these scalloped edges are thanks to Linzy who RAKed me with punchies from her scalloped punches. THANK YOU AGAIN. I'm trying to resist. See if you get the giga punch you should really get the mega to layer in there, and then do you want to layer with the mega scallop or the mega straight edge, then of course, do you want circle, square or oval... it goes on and on, and they are TWENTY DOLLARS each, so before you know it you've spent $120 to get all the punches you want and that's not gonna happen! So I'm trying to decide on ONE shape I'd like. I think probably circle for me, but I'm still thinking on it.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these!! I just had to call and order these two sets thanks to you!! ;-)


Erin K said...

Anything to help enable someone! Now go get you a cuttlebug. :)

Suzi said...

I'm really thinking I might need the crab set. It never appealed to me but, your cards are FABU!!! Are you sure you're not secretly selling SU????

Suzi said...

Oops, wrong post. I love these cards (and ALL the cards you do!!!) Somehow, I got behind on your blog & had 3 posts to catch up on. This should have gone on the Crab post :P

Erin K said...

That's ok Suzi! I just figured you loved the crab so much you were still thinking about him/her three posts later.

Suzi said...

Yeah, that's what it was. I should have said that first thing so I didn't look like a dork. Hmm, I'm going to a SU party Monday, dh is out of town, I'm left ALONE w/the kids again (ok, they're 10 & 12, it's not like they are babies, like yours) and he went off & bought Cubs tickets Monday so......I would be TOTALLY justified in buying the Crab set AND the other stuff I think I need, right???