Friday, March 02, 2007

Blog Candy

Ok, so if you haven't heard Michael's craft store has these adorable clear sets for just a dollar each. So I had to go right out and get some and also get you guys some too!

You can win this blog candy if you act fast. You will have to be a full member at The Stamp Shack to win. I have a number of cards over there. There is one lonely card though that has the dredded "no comments"! Not a single person has seen this card and thought, "Oh I like that I'll tell Erin." So... if you are an Erin K Creations blog reader AND a member of The Stamp Shack AND find and like my one sad lonely card you can win. Only the first person to post on that card wins. You must post there then post over her and tell me that you did.

I am totally willing to send this collection to my friends in Canada and overseas, so don't worry one bit about the shipping. I'm happy to send it wherever the winner lives.

Thanks for playing my third Blog Candy contest!


Mary said...

Yay! I found your beautiful Kitty card. Really, it is a great card, I'm not just saying that.

Your New Bestest Shack Friend

Erin K said...

Ok, your prize will go out next week. I'll try for Monday. :)

Julie said...

Very cute card! Mary is so lucky to win the cute stamps! But as always your cards are so stinkin' cute, Erin!