Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Getting these swaps done!

Here is another card candy for the swap I'm in over at the Shack. I'm loving these, they look soo cool when then are done. This is probably my current favorite stamp set, Delight in Life from the SU Sell-A-Bration. It's shameful that I'm a TAC demo and my current favorite is a SU set, but you gotta love all stamps I say! ;) I have to make one more set of this card candy and I'll be done with my swaps I'm in right now. Oh and the "delightful accents" is done with my new Karen Foster snap together letters, I was able to spell out the whole thing at one time, I LOVE those. Also I used some faux crystals on it but I'm not sure you can tell.
I did another cool project yesterday but I can't share it! Shuggy has a cool contest on her blog where you posted your info and she sent out a package of stuff. Everyone got the same stuff. We are all to make something out of the stuff. There were rules about what extra you could add and having to use everything in your packet and all. Anyhow you email it to her and she has a panel of judges and needs it to be secret who did what so I can't share it here. BUT I'll link over when she posts them and you can see mine and all the other entries. I can't wait to see what a bunch of people did with the same stuff. I'm pretty happy with my entry. Course Angie (that's Shuggy's name) is super cute and cool so it was all awesome stuff in the packet, easy to work with.
You know I just thought of what might be a fun challange, what about only using one stamp set, plus any phrases for a certain amount of time, Like a week or even a weekend and seeing what you can come up with? I might do that.
Did I tell you I'm not buying anything until the end of April! I know it's crazy. Now keep in mind I have an out, I think the LSS has a Garage Sale next month where people sell their used stuff. If that happens you better believe I'm buying whatever I want at that. Hmm did I already tell you all this? Probably I'll stop boring you now.
My other big news is I'm thinking about trying for the Just Johanna Design Team. I'm still deciding. So if you are on that team currently and want to give me advice here I am looking for it! ;)
Well that's all for now, I have a HUGE church activity I am doing tonight, we are making food for 45 people and I'm giving the talk party and directing the activity and generally running the show, although I have AWESOME ladies supporting me tonight so it's not like it's ALL on me. But I'm starting to freak a bit so if you are the praying type please send one out for me!
OH! I found out my frind Cinda reads this! I haven't seen her in a while and happened to bump into her at the LSS the other day. I was in a hurry so I'm sure I seemed rude, I hugged her and ran, but I ment to say, "How's Ander?, do you have pics? (which you know she did she was cropping and if you have a cute baby and are cropping you know you have pics of him)" but I didn't and I'm sorry!
Ok, bye now really! huggeroonies!


Suzi said...

Those are the coolest card candies!!! I love that set but haven't done anything good w/it yet. These are fantastic. I loved Angie's challenge too. I can't wait to see what everyone did. Oh, and I love your phrase, hugaroonies. Too Cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin!!

You didn't seem rude - just hurried! Ander is busy, busy, busy!! We have to try to get these boys together. I couldn't do your class, but maybe sometime I could pay you directly and you could tutor me on your cute card making techniques!!

I love seeing pictures of your cards - they are so adorable.!!

Hope to see ya again soon,