Friday, March 09, 2007

I CASED this and I love it!

Ok, I CASED the idea to do the herd of cows with one pig from this card I saw on Laura's site. I loved the card. It was difficult for me not to totally take the entire card and remake it but I made myself do it a little different. See mine have a hand drawn background and my layout is a bit different. These stamps are SU from the Sell-A-Bration set "Just Punny" or "Very Punny" or something like that, you know the one.. with the cows and pigs and other stuff.

Anyhow I'm not sending it for publication or a contest or anything. I'm sending it to my SU demo who is the coolest demo ever. (Email me if you don't have a demo and I'll hook you up with her)

I'm crazy but I'm doing another "no-buy"! I just sent my SU demo a check, (It's in the card you see here) for more than I care to share. I really, really HAVE TO HAVE the crab set from the spring catalog. So I said to myself, "Erin order the set as part of the special, get the other things you want, but then no buying until the END OF APRIL." You have to be stern with yourself. Then I remembered that the LSS has it's garage sale next month so I decided that I can spend at that but nothing else. Of course I always sell way more in that than I spend so it's fine. (Like that justification?) Also Angie MADE ME sign up for Self Addressed last month and so that will come. I did get my first kit and I LOVE it. It smells good too which is interesting. (I'll pause while all you go smell your Self Addressed kits, see what I mean?)

Ok, that's all I can share tonight I'm super tired. Love you guys!


Suzi said...

Erin, this is fabulous!!! I love the card. I still have not used my Punny set (nor have I used half the sets I got in Jan) Anyway, you don't know how much this post inspired me. I'm thinking I may actually get out of my stamping slump!!!

shuggy said...

i love this card!! that herd is awesome!! i may have to make one!!!

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

So, if I make a card like this, who gets credit for it? Very cute, Erin.

Erin K said...

Barb, I have no idea, I say give that other girl credit because I don't care! :) I mean that in a nice way, but you know, it's not like it was MY idea anyhow. :) This could get confusing, you have to keep your crafting fun. :)

Mary said...

I feel so special! That's two cards that you've posted and sent to ME ME ME! hahaha Thanks for the nice compliments Erin.

Love ya!
Mary (toao)
AKA your famous SU rep hehe