Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blood and Glory

So first I'll tell about the blood. I crafted late into the night last night and didn't clean up! I know it's terrible, I'm usually very good about at least cleaning off my desk. And I ALWAYS put the protector thingie on my scissors. Well not last night and wouldn't you know it. I go to take these pics to share with you and they flip right off my desk and INTO my toe! It hurt like heck and I had to pull them out. The bleding has stopped now, but for a while there I thought I was gonna have to get stitches. :(

Now for the glory. (You have to give me sympathy glory because I got injured bringing you these!)
Ok, this is a bella from my swap I did. I colored her with Prismacolor pencils and used the Glossy Accents on the balloons. I cut the scallop with my scissors. (not the ones that got stuck in my toe though) The ribbon is May Arts, they have the best ribbon, it's sold in my LSS so I'm happy about that. I tried to get it online but you have to be a retialer to buy it from their website. Anyhow that's the story on this bella card.
This one I colored with tombow markers. Simple stuff really. I used the Pocket Full of Posies Mat Stack paper on it. The "treat yourself" is from the March Self Addressed Kit. LOVE those kits.

On both I drew in the floor line you see. I'm a nut for that.

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