Thursday, March 15, 2007

Swaps done!

This is the last pack of "card candy" for my swap. This time I used the SU set "unfrogettable" for some Pond Accents. (Brian named this one, isn't he clever?) I had to use googlie eyes of course, they were just asking for it! Faux crystals on the flowers. I used markers and waterbrush to watercolor the images. This color scheme I pulled off my SU color wheel. I added in the black because I almost always add in black don't I?
Oh I need input, what does everyone think of the picture size. This one here I chose "medium" I was doing small for a few days. I had been getting feedback that the pictures were too big. You can click them and get a bigger view but maybe no one wants to click them? Anyhow if you have a preference let me know. :)
So now that I'm done with my swaps I wonder what I will do. I think I might make a stack of cards and send them out to see if they get published. I'm also still thinking about applying for the Just Johanna design team. There are lots of options. Of course I could always just stamp for fun! :)

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Suzi said...

Each card candy is better than the last! I MUST order this set!!