Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More Cards with new stamps

I am in serious love with all my new stamps.

This star one is with Star Prints by Papertrey. This has the most adorable set ever made. It's by My Favorite Things. It's all anthropomorhpic fruit. DELIGHTFUL.
This is the same fruit set by MFT only this time I colored them with copics.
And this last might be my favorite. These stamps are by a new-to-me company Kodomo. They are Japanese. I LOVE this octopus. No suprise, I always love a good octopus. I watercolored this with watercolor crayons. The little character thingie says "Octopus". Which is pronounced something that sounds similar to "Taco" as in this story:
Me: What does this say
Lady selling stamps: Taco
Lady: yes, taco *only now I think I'm hearing it wrong and it's like taco but not quite taco*
Roniece: is laughing really hard because we joked that the stamp said something like "octopus platter $7.99" and now I keep asking if it says "taco" and she generally loves it when I make a fool of myself.
Me: *confused look*
Other lady in the booth: It means Octopus, it's Japanese. *she says that to inform me, like I don't know Japanese art and such when I see it? Doesn't she know about my deep love affair with Japanese fabrics? Oh no, I'm just some random Taco shouting girl at the show*
Me: Oh Octopus! Perfect
Lady: You still want it?
Me: Oh yes!
Honesty it could have said "Erin is a moron" and I'd still have bought the set just to get the octopus. I had to buy him these friends (the fish) to swim with.


Anonymous said...

te he he! Your story is sooo funny! Your cards are gorgeous, gf!!!! love them!

TJ said...

EVERYTHING is adorable! I especially like the star card ... the ribbon is so pretty. I like the little "fruit people". You used a fancy word for that but I'll just call 'em fruit people.

Thanh said...

Very fun, Erin!

Anonymous said...

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