Friday, September 05, 2008

Octopus Necklace

I bought THIS item off Etsy. I wanted to make an inexpensive octopus necklace. And I did: I just wound it through with some black cord and tied it closed. Easy peasy. I've seen this same octopus with a chain attached for a lot more. Not that the other necklaces I've seen were a bad price, but I'm pretty pleased to have gotten this one for so cheap. And it came with TWO octopode! I'm going to try to attach the other one to a bag or zip pouch or something awesome. And the seller included some adorable sand dollar charms as a thank you. Oh and SUPERFAST shipment! I got it in two days. Gotta love that.

I'm still very sick by the way. I don't know if I'll sew today or not. And to the few girls I'm mailing stuff to, Jennifer, Kim, not today huns, I'm sure you understand. I do have to return a movie to the library. I tried to renew it and it won't let me so I think someone must be waiting for it. And late fees are a whole dollar. And I'm cheap. So I'm going.

My cute children are being a DREAM today. They were bummed to miss playgroup but then the let me snooze on the couch and are not fighting or yelling or anything. They are totally rotting their minds with TV all day long, but I'll enrich them some other day.

I sooooo want to sew this: Boxy Pouch but today might be another day off of sewing. Thankfully two days ago I sewed 4 bags in one day so I feel I can take a few off.

In other news:
My Etsy store isn't selling anything. And somehow that's ok with me. The fees are small so I'm only out a dollar. So I think when the listings expire I'm gonna give all the stuff away as blog candy. I find I really enjoy sewing a lot more when it's for friends and gifts and stuff. I also have done a few trades, buy me lunch I'll sew you a handbag, type of thing. I like that too. So I think I'm gonna just relax. But have no fear, I fully intend to sew just as much. It's just that everyone I know will soon be rocking an Erin K Creations zip pouch or tote or whatever.


flipflops4sherri said...

Your octopus necklace looks super cute on you! :) Love it!! I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Strep throat is no fun. Haven't had in awhile knock on wood! Feel better soon! Glad the boys are being good for you today and just hanging out for you :).

Kim H. said...

Your necklace ROCKS! So sorry to hear that you are not feeling any better! Good thing the boys are being good! Hope you feel better soon!

Mary said...

Totally cute necklace Erin. Feel better soon.

Thanh said...

That's ok Erin! Look at all the inspirational things youve made! Hope youre feeling better soon.