Monday, September 15, 2008


I realized I have some stuff I have not shown you. So here we go.

I made these dolls for my good friend Sherri a few weeks ago. The candy corn one was for her sister so I couldn't post until now. I made this little friend to tuck into a gift for my friend Chris.
And this was for Chris too. It's the reverse of the first purse I made.
Inside view.
Today I got this package in the mail:
It's blog candy I won from Lauren Brandy.
It came with those adorable hair thingies. This is the bag:
I participated in a robot swap and this is what I made:
And also this:
I think that's all.
No Cute Monday today. I've been super busy and I looked and I only pulled two cute things this week. It's a shame I know I saw lots more than two cute things. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

Oh my... I have tears from laughing so hard- I love the robots!!! Especially the "beep beep" on the robot bag.