Monday, September 08, 2008

I love Iron on Vinyl

Oh how I love iron on vinyl.

First of all. You can stamp on fabric with ANY ink you like. Not just stazon. Stamp away. You can color with whatever you like too. No need to be non water soluable. Then iron on some vinyl over it. I wouldn't wash it in the machine, but it's great for light wear and such.

Here is an example. This is a pencil bag for a friend of mine who recently started Kindergarden.
I lined it with cheerful yellow because everyone loves cheerful yellow.
This next one looks even more cool! I ironed the vinyl over both sides of a sheet of paper. Yes, double sided patern paper. About this I will tell you it was WICKED hard to turn. No flexability at all in paper. But I got it. And a tip. you CAN iron the vinly. You must replace the release paper and only iron it a bit and on medium heat. AND if your bag has vinyl on the inside too you MUST fold up some of the release paper and put it in there. Or you will glue your bag shut.
The inside is just the red that's on the reverse side of this paper.
This bag is for the brother of the kindergardner. Unless they decide to trade. Then, you know, the other way around. Oh and the paper with vinyl is REALLY strong feeling. I tested it pretty good and it held up.

Of course the obvious extrapolation: You could stamp on paper, color with your favorite medium, then put the iron on vinyl on, then make something out of that! I know, you are getting all panty just thinking about it like me arn't you?

In other news:

I'm feeling tons better today.
Sue is out of the hospital. Let's hope that's the end of that.
I'm almost out of zippers! It's tragic.


Kim H. said...

OUT of ZIPPERS is tragic- sending 25 more to you tomorrow! It can't wait until Thursday!

So glad to hear that Sue is out of the hospital and praying she stays out and continues to improve!

Love the vinyl zipped pouches!

Jennifer said...

Erin, first let me say I'm glad you are feeling better and that Sue is out of the hospital. Take care, both of you!

Sure wish you could come and go through my zipper "collection"! I have tons. I used to always remove zippers from old clothes that were still perfectly good and useable.

This pouch is so stinkin cute! I love it. You know these would be such super gifts!

Lola said...

I bow down to you, and hand over the crown....You are officially the Queen of Vinyl!