Monday, September 29, 2008

Pinned (stinking WIP)

I pinned Gram's quilt and I'm ready to quilt it. I hope it goes either quickly or unexpectedly enjoyably. I think the quilting is the boring part. Not boring enough to pay someone else to do it though. random close up
This is the freaking expensive batting I got. I got freaking expensive batting because I wanted it to look antique right away and this is so dense and thin I thought it would help me with that. I also accidentally went to the shop without my measurements. So I got three yards of this. It's like 80 inches wide. I have TONS left, I used about half of what I bought. Sigh. Upcoming baby quilt with freaking expensive batting.
To cheer myself up (after buying freaking expensive batting) I made my friend's son this change purse. He needs it for his milk money as he's a big Kindergardner now.
I got this fabric at the thrift store to back Ethan's quilt in. I love it in person with the fabrics of the quilt. It looks a little too dull here. I also got Volume 11 of Just Cards! magazine in the mail today, I have some cards in it! So that's fun. I'm such a dork, my neighbor was outside in his yard when I got the mail and I handed it to Ethan and said, "Look baby, Mommy is published in this magazine." Like either Ethan OR my neighbor cares! haha. But yall care right? :) TONS of my friends are in this one too. It's so fun. Sherri, Terri, Awana, Ethel, Vicki, Keri, Kim Hughes (who I don't know personally but I stalk her enough to "know" her), Charity, Karen, probably more, tell me if you are in it and I'll add you! I gotta go quilt.


Kim H. said...

Congratulations on getting published! That is so awesome!

The quilt looks wonderful! What great bargains you got today other than the expensive batting!

Linzy Martins said...

Super cute quit, EK! Did you get a card from me a week or two ago from me? Just wondering...