Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sashing update

After much consideration I think I'm going to sash. With a NEW color. I'll be honest I had not considered this. But a few people suggested it and I'm liking it. I'm thinking yellow. It has to be a country looking yellow though, so it goes. I'll go to Joannes and pick one out. Oh Or maybe I'll treck my lazy self out to the quilt shop and see what they have? Hmmmm, quilt shop!

I'm considering a dark blue on the little squares formed where the two sash rows come together. You know what I mean? Sorta like THIS.

Then thin white, thick blue. Then binding. I'm really wanting to do real binding so I'm gonna. Maybe machine apply it though. Love my machine. Gonna stitch in the ditch, but on the borders I will either hand quilt hearts all the way around or something else. I mean they will need something. :) Although THIS Ohio star quilt ROCKS and is quilted with a yummy stipple. (seriously, go look at this awesome quilt)

As I don't have this third color fabric, and it's Sunday (We don't shop on Sundays) I'm on a quilt break for now. Oh and thanks blog readers, it looks like my block is called "Ohio Star". So thanks people of Ohio for your great and easy star.

Oh and I realized just now that the darker squares were supposed to be Shoo Fly squares. See on the linked quilt how some squares have Ohio Star and some have a different pattern? Well looking at the half sewn stuff that I didn't understand so ignored I can see that the plan was to be an Ohio Star/Shoo Fly quilt. I guess when you hand you work 30 years later to some new quilter though you might see it deviate from the plan. I seriously thought the Shoo Fly square looked super odd and weird. But looking at quilts done with it I see the beauty. I need a quilt book! Sheesh.

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Jessica said...

Just wanted to say hi. I haven't visited in awhile and I see you are doing a ton of sewing! That is super cool cause so am I, so now I will definitely be back sooner!