Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dabbled Halloween Contest

I think it's a well known fact that I LOVE Halloween. I think it's the cutest holiday. And I like my holidays cute!

So when I saw that Dabbled was having a Halloween Contest I had to participate in some way.

I am a prize contributor for the contest! Hurrah. I'm giving this cute zipper pouch. I pieced blocks of Halloween fabric across the front and appliqued that all on, then sewed the ribbon over the edges. The bag has a black zipper and a little handle that is the same ribbon. It's lined with Halloween fabric.

So make something fun for Halloween. You get extra credit if you do a tutorial. I know most of my cardmaking friends are already doing ADORABLE cards. Why not enter them in the contest? You could win fun prizes. I just saw that food counts too! Halloween has the cutest foods!

In other news:

I spent the night in the Emergency Room last night. I woke up in the worst pain ever. Seriously worst pain of my life. I for REAL thought I was having some super rare 30 year old heart attack. The pain was in the center of my chest and went down my right arm. I was nausaus (sp). It was terrible. After about 30 minutes of trying to treat myself I had to wake up my husband. (who sleeps like a ROCK) We prayed and looked on the net and decided a trip to the hospital was in order. We woke up our kids and off we went. Place was empty at 3am. Great time to go.

Ok to make a REALLY long boring story short, they ran tests and took X Rays and so on. It's a GI issue. So basicly some super fancy way of saying heartburn. SERIOUSLY. I was totally shamed. I mean who goes to the ER because of heartburn? But you guys, it was MAJOR. I am not kidding the worst pain of my life. I've had two kids, some surgeries, been punched in the face, this was the WORST. (interestingly second worst was getting my dry socket after wisdom teeth removal packed)

So we get home around 6am. My kids don't go back to sleep. I'm amazed, they have been up sense 2am just like me. They are crabby and clearly tired and won't sleep. I fell alseep for an hour and they tore up the house. In general today sucks. Tomorrow should be fine after I get sleep.


Kim H. said...

Your zippy totally ROCKS! I would love to win it!

Sorry about your heartburn! Hope the boys and you get some sleep!

Linda B said...

With those symptoms, a trip to the ER is never wasted. Better safe than sorry!

And the zippy bag is sweet. Get some sleep.

Your Mother

Anonymous said...

Stranger things have happened. I'm glad you went to the ER and hope you won't hesitate to do it again.

Sorry your day is yucky!!

Carissa said...

Nice contest..! I love the Halloween fabric.