Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quilt sketches

Here are my sketches of how I might layout the zig zag quilt

On this first one the black lines are actually going to be little teensy pleats. Like little 1/4 inch piping that's not filled with anything.

This is the same thing but with green "piping" instead of black. Also it would have the extra white space on top and bottom, like in the first pic, I forgot to draw that in.
This one has no piping but applique black circle shapes. This my favorite becaue I love the high contrast, but Brian doesn't really like it too much.
And this is a final option. This is what I originally had in mind. The green zig zag lines represent me just using green thread to quilt those parts.
So what do you all think? Any opinions? Other variations I should try out? I'm only considering adding black, otherwise just the orange/green/white. Oh and Ethan loves balls and black, so maybe that's going to make him like the black circle one? I'll ask him tomorrow which he likes and come back and tell you. If he feels strongly about one (at the ripe old age of 2) I'll just go with whatever that is. Oh and any will have more/less rows as needed to make it fit his bed well.

I guess another option is no white rows, just lots of zig zags. I'm going to go sketch that up. If I plan that right will it just MAKE white zig zags in between the rows? If so I might do that. I like that idea, although it's TONS more cutting and fabric buying.

Ok I went and drew it just now. Couldn't wait. I like it a lot:

I think I like the idea of the white border and green binding. With some sort of thin green to hold the zig zags in. Probably that empty piping thing I said. Doesn't it figure the one with tons more stinking triangles is the one I like? I really don't like making those. I really LOVE them in quilts. Well maybe this will give me the practice I need. Oh and since this one has SUCH a strong geometric with so many zigs I think I would do the quilting freeform. I think. Maybe. I dunno.

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Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Cool! I am going to really enjoy watching your progress from beginning to end.